QED Consultants

At QED Consultants we bring buildings to life. We specialise inn the design of the services that bring buildings alive.

Without us, an empty building would be exactly that, an uninviting shell. Our engineering solutions fill in all the blanks – heating, lighting, plumbing, electrics, Wi-Fi, all the services people enjoy without thinking about them. With us, all these things and more are planned and executed harmoniously with service providers and tradespeople.

The result? Homes that are homely. Factories that function. Hospitals that work. Offices that are a joy to work in.

We do all this whilst delivering value for money, innovative design and first-class service. We are a highly experienced team, with an outstanding track record on projects of all kinds and sizes.   

If the need for your building is for energy-efficiency and sustainability, we can deliver on those and other priorities to match your brief. You set the priorities; we deliver them.

Contact No: 0203 092 3898

Email address: richard.nudd@qedconsultants.co.uk

Website address: www.qedconsultants.co.uk

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