Mark Avenell: My top 5 photos of 2015/16

Bromley Football Club Image copyright Mark Avenell

The latest article in our series of new fan features comes from photographer Mark Avenell who like Ed Boyden shares his favourite photos from the 2015/16 season below.

As Ed Boyden said in his top 5 (click here to view the article) it is hard to choose just a few photos from a season. Sometimes you like a shot based on how everything came together to make the almost perfect shot (no such thing as a perfect shot to a photographer) or sometimes it’s based on the story behind it.

I have many action shots to choose from but as Ed has shared some of his excellent action shots I am going to go for the ‘story behind the photo’ in reverse order.

Bromley Football Club Image copyright Mark Avenell

Photo 5

I love doing the team photo at the start of the season. It’s always fun with lots of banter flying about, sprits are high and you become a part of that for a while. Some players love to get their photo taken while some seem to want to shy away from it. One of those photos that takes longer to organise than it does to get the shot.

Bromley Football Club Image copyright Mark Avenell

Photo 4

Big 4K cameras, live TV pitch side interviews, hairy microphones & miles of cables and it was Hayes Lane! I know it was not the best result for us but it was a historical moment in our history. When I took this shot I had no idea that the cameraman was a friend of former BFCtv cameraman Mark Dickins. Small world as they say.

Bromley Football Club Image copyright Mark Avenell

Photo 3

This has to be one of the best away games of my twenty plus years as a Bromley fan. I love this shot as it includes the well travelled Bromley fans with the bright glowing scoreboard that shows the huge result for our little club. It summed the day up perfectly.

Bromley Football Club Image copyright Mark Avenell

Photo 2

Being asked to take the cover shot for Dave Roberts new book was a true honour. We had attempted a shot at Wrexham away but it had not gone to plan. This was the second attempt and it was nice to get it done at Hayes Lane. Knowing many of my Bromley FC family were going to be on the cover of a book about the club we all love was a great feeling. The weather was awful but somehow the shot just worked.

Bromley Football Club Image copyright Mark Avenell

Photo 1

Took this on the first day of the league season and stayed my number 1 shot. What I love about this photo is seeing the looks on the faces of many supporters who I have stood with over the years and seen us lose to local village teams now being rewarded for the dark times when Moses sweetly tucked away a 3rd goal against Wrexham. All the pain of Met Police FA Cup defeat, the hammered by Molesey and even the Leatherhead affair were all made to feel better at that moment.

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