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Bromley Football Club are heartbroken to learn of the passing of lifelong supporter Dave Roberts.

A supporter since he was a young boy, Dave followed the Club’s fortunes as they made their way up from regional leagues, to the National League in more recent years.

Aside from being a hardcore supporter, Dave’s contribution to the Club was huge. He wrote a number of books, some of which were about his journeys as a Bromley supporter and fortunes following his beloved Club.

His works included The Bromley Boys, which was later made into a film which was screened worldwide. Further publications included The Long, Long Road to Wembley, which received a 5* review from Waterstones, and 32 programmes.

He did not only connect with Bromley supporters through his work, but football fans all over the world, many of whom developed a soft spot for Bromley, with some even adopting the Ravens as their second team!

Having moved out to the USA for a number of years, he continued to follow Bromley from afar, frantically checking match updates for games and often taking to social media to express his delight (or not!) at results.

Having moved back to the UK in more recent years, Dave would travel to Hayes Lane from his Yorkshire home when possible, also attending away matches.

He would always receive a hero’s welcome at Hayes Lane, with an official fan club even being formed!

Even when not able to attend games, Dave would tune into commentary and match updates, wherever he was, even in more recent times when he was bravely battling with illness. He would always put on a brave face during his battle and we know for a fact that he appreciated every single message of support that he received from you all in recent months.

Dave’s heart will always remain at Hayes Lane, and the Club will be planning a tribute to a man who is well and truly a Bromley legend.

Our heartfelt thoughts are with Dave’s wife Liz and the family at this difficult time, and we will be extending our support to them.

Rest in peace, our Bromley Boy. ❤️

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