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Academy Values: Believe Focus Commit Achieve

Academy Values: Believe Focus Commit Achieve

BELIEVE in winning in education and football: Bromley Football club is committed to adopting a playing style, strategy and system that gives each individual player the opportunity to succeed at every stage of the developmental process and programme. The club will plan deliver and assess at the highest levels to ensure each player pathway and adopts the value of teamwork.

FOCUS on building a “better you” through the education and football framework. Plan short medium and long term goals. To give full attention and have the full capacity to not be distracted on your player pathway journey

COMMITMENT: Commit to every developmental phase throughout the Bromley Football Club Academy journey. Be determined to that staff and coaches and players deliver to make appropriate progress and transition.

ACHIEVE: The player’s attitudes towards education and football will facilitate with their overall achievements in life; not just in football.

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